Monday, December 11, 2006

Join us for our Holiday Scarf-a thon.

Greetings.> >
This year, Project Warm Hug is giving over 1500+ gifts to 1500+ local children in need!!!

These children are either living in local family shelters, are a part of the foster care system, or a part of Friends Outside's adopt a family program

Project Warm Hug has been generously donated many> gifts from Cheeky Monkey of Menlo Park, food from a local Brownie Troop and Usborne Children's books from a local Family Foundation.

Nearly 700 gifts have already been donated. Now it is time for us to create the holiday scaves. Our goal this year is to make 1000 scarves. We already have 350 that were made this past Saturday.

This year, we are also going to sell these fun fleece> scarves to raise money for our ongoing programs.

Trader Joes in Menlo Park has been so kind as to> schedule time for us to sell in front of their storeon Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11-3pm. Our goal is to sell 1000 scarves. Each scarf is $5.00.

For each scarf sold, one will be donated.

If you are able to sell these scarves elsewhere; your> work/business, playgroup, and so, please let me know!

So, we need volunteers!!!!

To cut and make the scarves; I will provide all of the materials. A couple of hours makes a lot of scarves. If you can use a pair of scissors, you can make the scarves. Great for moms, scout troops, a couple of friends and so on. You can use my studio for making them, we are right across from Trader Joes. The studio will be open the same hours we will be selling.

To sell the scarves; I am going to break the selling times into 2 hour segments. It would be great to get some of our kids involved. Huge reality check as to how great our children have it! A scarf may be the only gift these children in need get this Christmas.

If you cannot help to make or sell, but still would like to contribute; We will also need more fleece fabric. Joanne's fabrics has a supply of all sorts of cute fleece: 10 yards will make 60/70 scarves. Choose your favorite print fleece and I will either pick it up or you can drop it at our studio.

Please let me know how you would like to participate in Project Warm Hug's Scarf-a-thon!!!
Thanks so much. Megan

Studio location is: 1030 Curtis Street, Suite 201> Menlo Park. Upstairs from Master Styling Salon.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

november 15th update....

For our monthly update, I thought I would outline our holiday programs and tell you more about the Polka Dot Shop. Enjoy reading about our amazing local non profit that provides warm clothing and cool books to local children in need. For weekly updates, ck us out
thanks so much for all of your support!megan

Project Warm Hug's 2006 Holiday Programs.`
~~~Holiday Gift Giving Program~~~Project Warm Hug is donating fleece blankies, hats and scarves to 500 children in need this holiday season.In addition, we are donating books, duffle bags, toys and gifts to another 500 children in need. We need your help to make this happen! An extra hour can make a few fleece items, wrap a few packages or deliver a few presents. Scout troops and communitiy organizations are encouraged to volunteer.
~~~Community Diaper Drive~~~Diapers still remain to be the number one request we receive from the family organizations we donate to. Next time you buy diapers, please pick up an extra pack and drop them by The Polka Dot Shop. Open packages are fine as well. All sizes needed. We will continue this drive year round.
~~~Share the Wealth, Community Challenge~~~Our programs are not possible without financial sponsorships. This holiday season we are asking for a $10.00 donation for each of the 1000 children in need that Project Warm Hug will gift. Local businesses can also be community sponsors. A list of these businesses will be in our January Newsletter! Great way to show your community spirit!!! Our current annual budget is $72,000. We have raised $36,000 but still need to raise another $36,000 by March 2007. We have donated over 14,000 items in the last 8 months!!!Checks can be mailed or dropped off at: Project Warm Hug, 1030 Curtis Street, Suite 201. Menlo Park. 94025.
~~~The Polka Dot Shop~~~We are having a blast with our new Kid's Clothing Recycling Shop. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.
What is the Polka Dot Shop?? The Polka Dot Shop is a new, local kid's clothing recycling shop. When clothing donations are made to Project Warm Hug, all new items are "sold" at The Polka Dot Shop. Gently worn clothing is sorted by size and "tubbed" in plastic bins. Until a request is made by one of our recipient organizations, these items are available for "sale". Inventory flucuates week to week, by size and by quantity.
Where are you located?? 1030 Curtis Street, upstairs in suite 201. Menlo Park. Across from Trader Joes, and above Masters Styling Salon.
When are you open?? Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays from 11-5pm.
What sizes do you carry? Newborn to 5T, some larger sizes...sometimes...
How often do new items come in? daily!, weekly!...
How are items priced? New items have a suggested donation of 60% of original price. Gently worn items have a suggested donation of ~$5.00. Pay a little more when you can, pay a little less when you need to.
Email me with any additional questions!
~~~Warm-Hug-Wear~~~Warm Hug Wear is a collection of fleece children's clothing and accessories that are designed and created locally. Proceeds will be donated to Project Warm Hug to fund it's programs. Look for this collection at The Polka Dot Shop!
~~~ anything else?~~~Megan's background is very diverse. Many of her past passions have been a combination of textiles, color, design and creativity along with her sewing expertise. This familiar combination is going to launch her new collection of custom nursery ensembles; Beautiful and whimsical crib quilts, bumpers, skirts, curtains, pillows and matching accessories. How fun is this?
I think this sums up all of the latest updates! Whew!!
Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

holiday warm hug program begins on October 15th!


As you may or may not know, that Project Warm Hug began with a very simple promise to my dad that I would carry forward our family legacy of humanitarian work.

Bill Moser, my father spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe working towards democracy. I promised that I would make 50 fleece hats and scarves and deliver them to an orphanage in Kosovo. He passed away shortly after this promise was made. I ended up having surgery that fall, and donated them instead to the organization my grandmother began over 50 years ago, Friends Outside of Santa Clara.

This is our third year of making fleece hats and scarves and donating them to local children in need. The first year the 50 turned into 200, the second year the 200 turned into 500 sets and now in our third year the original 50 has turned into 2000!

And in addition, Project Warm Hug has donated over 12000 items in the last 7 months to local families in need. We currently serve 10 local organizations that provide housing to local families in need, including Shelter Network.

The Warm Hug Program is the foundation of our giving and the foundation of our fund raising. In order to be successful, we need your help. We ask the community to share the wealth in two ways- Either sponsor a number of fleece items at $10 each. You can use, with the recipient address as or drop by a ck at 1030 Curtis Street, Suite 201, Menlo Park.


Help us create the 2000 items. I will be scheduling sewing workshops at the Menlo Park studio. You do not need to know how to sew! Gift cards from Joanne's fabrics are also very helpful for purchasing the fleece, thread and so on we will need.

If you belong to a group or want to collect a few friends, I will supply the materials and instructions and the group can do the sewing at their location!

This is great for scout troops, high school community service projects, a mom's club, a neighborhood, and so on.

This project will launch this Sunday, October 15th at Noon! stop by and say hello, meet the new addition to my family, William Aiden (11 months), have some cake!!! my dad loved desserts!!! and let the fleece fun begin! (my dad would have turned 81 on the 15th)

Join us at 1030 Curtis Street, Suite 201, Menlo Park. You can also visit The Polka Dot Shop, our new children's clothing recycling shop. Please forward this email to your friends and family. Please email me with any questions, comments, suggestions....

Thanks so much
With many warm hugs,

Thursday, October 05, 2006

October 5th, Diaper Drive.

we are about to launch our community diaper drive!

our goal is to receive 5000 diapers and $5000.

we need all sizes of diapers. open packs are fine.

next time you are buying diapers, please buy an extra pack to donate. is a great way to order diapers and have them delivered to your home/ or to our office!!

gift certificates from 1800diapers, gift cards to target, kmart, mervyn's, walgren's, and so on.... so we can purchase diapers when requested.

diapers can be donated at- 1030 curtis street, suite 201, menlo park.

we are hoping that this becomes an annual event!

thanks so much

October 5th. Current needs.

hi all.

we have donated almost all of our inventory of children's items!

and we are up to ~11,000 donated items!!!!

so here is what we are needing-

diapers, all sizes. this is my most requested item!
children's clothing, all sizes, boys and girls.
maternity clothing, we have a couple of requests pending.

cribs and mattresses
pack and plays
strollers, alway in need.
infant car seats, less than 4 years old.
toddler car seats, less than 4 years old.

new toys.

we are currently donating to 10 local family shelters and organizations.

donations can be dropped off at 1030 curtis street, suite 201. menlo park.
2nd floor, our drop off boxes are in front of our door. please do not leave large items there, call us instead for a pick up or delivery instructions.

thanks so much.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

lots of good news!!!

wow, what an amazing month this has been. i am sorry that i haven't updated in awhile. here is why!

1. we donated our 10.000th item today to haven family house. yes, ten thousand-th item... and in less than 7 months.
2. i became a full time mom to my beautiful 10 month old godson on august 14th.
3. and i am getting the polka-dot shop ready to open, as a work in progress, this sunday.

i can't thank the local community enough for all of your support and amazing donations... especially the moms of pamp.

so here are the updates you need to know about...

1. after this sundays opening, we will be open on tuesday, thursday and saturdays from 11-5pm.

during this time you can:

drop off donations, gently worn, clean children's clothing and maternity wear.

you can shop at the polka-dot shop. purchase great gently worn and new clothing for your little ones. newborn to 5T, with a few larger sizes.

you can create fun gifts and clothing in the sewing room. great way to learn how to sew and meet new friends. sew our projects for free. sew your projects for $15 an hour. call ahead for a reservation. 468-3065.

just stop by and say hi.

so with this is all said... i also need to report that our growth is far exceeding our fundraising... so any ideas for fundraising, companies that match employees donations, or you just want to write us a check....
we welcome all ideas and donations...

thanks so much,
with warm hugs.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cribs, Diapers and Car Seats needed

After delivering over 700 items yesterday to First Step, Haven Family House, Elsa Segovia... we are still in need of cribs, diapers (larger sizes) and Car Seats for infants and toddlers.

If you have any of these items, please contact me for a pick up!

Thanks so much.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

cribs needed asap!!!

hi all.

received a call today from haven family house that they are in need of a couple of cribs. new families are coming in. we were able to donate one crib today. we like to have at least one in storage at all times...

please email me if you have one to donate.

thanks so much. megan

Monday, August 07, 2006

Huge Donation happening tomorrow!!! And Diaper Drive Kick Off!

hi all.

after meeting with the children's coordinators from Shelter Network last week, we scheduled tomorrow to be the day that all of our large items will be donated to them. in addition, each shelter will be receiving approx 300 items of back to school clothing.

this will be the largest donation that Project Warm Hug has made in one day!!! i will tally the numbers and report back with the totals!

we have received so many coats, jackets and sweatshirts from our lost and found collections, that we are going to donate these for our back to school fall coat drive, and shift to a diaper drive. each of the shelters we donate to, always have a need for diapers.

so one of the times you buy diapers this next month, please pick up an extra pack of diapers to donate. we will have a number of drop off locations for you as well as our office donation drop off. please ask your friends to donate a pack as well!

we hope to have 5000 diapers donated and $5000 raised for our holiday programs.

thanks so much.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Welcome to Project Warm Hug's Blog.


welcome to project warm hug's blog. we are growing so fast that i thought this would be a good way for everyone to have the lastest updates, succeess and needs.

i sent out the august newsletter last night. if you didn't receive it and would like to, please email me and let me know.

our website at will also have our current newsletter posted.

so the big news is that we hit over 6300 items donated last week within 5 months.

i met with the children's coordinators of shelter network and we have created a system so that they can communicate their needs to us on a weekly basis. in turn we will pull from our inventory and donate to them within 7 days. i see this as an honor to be so closely connected to this organization.

bad news, is that i saw my doctor last week, and the dr. who removed my cast and told me to get walking... had me walking way too soon, and my foot is now needing another few weeks to heal. i told him i would do my best to stay off of it... otherwise he is going to put me back in a cast for a fw weeks...

so if anyone has a teen who needs some community service hours... i can use some help, moving donations, sorting donations, and so on... an hour or two can really help!!!

i plan on writing here every couple of days as new information unravels...

hope you stay tuned!