Tuesday, May 25, 2010

since february 2nd....

since february 2nd... my car died (needed to replace asap with no funds available), my tooth broke (no dental insurance), my replacement car needed repairs, lost 2 weeks of work due to ankle surgery, found out that i need knee surgery, and so on...
major unexpected expenses, lost of income and no reserves.

many local moms, especially single moms are faced with similar challenges... hopefully not all at once or even in one year... but the reality is that if you are living hand to mouth, and have no reserves, any type of unexpected expense or lost of income is a major challenge.

i was reminded once again, why it is so important to be able to gift these moms with even the smallest of token of appreciation for all that they do in raising our next generation. the most important job out there!!

so in the spirit of gifting, i am re-vitalizing my baby blanket challenge... but revising the goal to a far more attainable one!! during our 2009 holiday program, we gifted 115 flannel baby blankets to local moms... i would like to put forth the challenge to gift 120 baby blankets to local moms by june 25th.

here is the original info....

while there is a lot of worldwide need right now, my focus is to not forget our local children in need.

help keep local babies warm this spring/summer...

there are hundreds of babies born every month in san mateo county
to very low income moms. many of these moms are a part of the county's
prenatal to three program that provides services to this group.
this spring/summer, quilted cotton flannel blankets will be made locally by single moms, and donated to this program. in turn, these lovely blankets will be given to local moms for their newborns.

please join me in providing blankets to local babies this spring/summer by sponsoring
a blanket for only $20.00. since the blankets will be donated to a local non-
profit, tax receipts will be available.

please use paypal.com for sponsorships
using bigheartdesigns@yahoo.com as the recipient address
or by sending a ck made out to:
megan rosenhart/blanket project,
174 spruce ave. menlo park. ca 94025.

i will keep tally on this blogsite with our totals!
thanks so much.

thanks so much!!