Tuesday, November 30, 2010

this year's program!!

happy holidays!!

project warm hug is hosting it's 7th annual holiday giving program this year!

this year's program has created some unusual challenges for us!
my holiday program partner, tami is just barely back from maternity leave. she is the one who identifies the families that we gift! and i am just barely back to very part time work after a 3 week unexpected hospital stay...(dvts resulting from knee surgery). we talked at length today, and decided that the holiday season just wouldn't feel right if we didn't keep this program going this year.

so, here is what we decided. instead of identifying, coordinating, and gifting our usual 20+ familes, we would identify 6 families and make it a holiday season that would really make a difference in their lives. so along with gifts, we are hoping to also gift them with: gift cards, gas cards, a holiday feast, groceries, paper products, art and craft supplies, and more.

the six families will be decided upon tomorrow, and the list for gifts will be posted. i am going to post all of this on the blog. projectwarmhug.blogspot.com. please use the comment section to let me know how you are wanting to participate with a family. the blog will become our central communication tool so that i don't have to send out a ton of emails!!

part two- our blanket sponsorships as we have had in the past... yes, we are going to deliver flannel blankets as well. but not until january... $10 per blanket as last year!!
double sided cotton flannel blankets!! this year, i also have the kits to make your own!
fabric all cut and ready to sew, $5 a kit!!

at this point, PLEASE email me if you are interested in participating!!

thanks so much!!
happy holidays!
megan and tami.