Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Celebrate Motherhood!!

hi all.

whew. how can it already be february? for those of you who sent me your address for receipts, they were sent out this past weekend. it is not too late, if you still need one. just email me with your address.

moving into 2009. many of you were wanting to continue your giving.
so for our first giving project for 2009- i hope to be able to gift 30 moms in need with gift totes- full of goodies, gift cards, lotions/soaps, towels, ...rarely in the life of a mom in need do they receive gifts just for them. i would like these moms know how important they are... they are the glue that holds their families together....

so, if you are interested in participating... please let me know what you would like to give...
(receipts will be available)

gift cards, target, walmart, movies,
foods, homemade cookies, oranges, apples, ...
soaps and lotions...
anything else you are inspired to give....

we will be making and decorating the tote bags together!
it will be a fun project to for you and your kids.

also, since there continues to be an amazing amount of babies born- in need...
our $5.00 baby blankets will also be available. made by local moms.
we gave over 180 in december, it would be great to give 200 this spring.

if you have or work for a company that wants to get involved!! sponsoring
baby blankets is a great way to help keep our local babies in need warm...
for only $60, 12 baby blankets will be donated in your name.

let me know if you are interested... i will be matching up moms with moms
by march 1st!.

thanks so much!!