Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the last of the gifts needed....


hi all.

so far, 25 families with 85 family members, 30 teens in need and 114 infants... have
been gifted with your generosity...

here is a list of the last gifts that are needed.
please share this list with your friends and co-workers.
i know that we can make this all happen!!

1. mom- large, sweatsuit, size 7 shoes.- STILL NEED
2. 3 year old boy- size 7 clothing.- STILL NEED
3. 3 year old boy- xl pull ups.- GIFTED
4. bicycle for the 3 year old. with training wheels.- GIFTED
5. mom and dad- target card for food and clothing- GIFTED

6. newborn boy- clothing.- SOME GIFTED, STILL NEED AS WELL.
7. newborn boy- car seat/stroller- CAR SEAT BEING DONATED
8. newborn boy- baby monitor.- STILL NEED
9. single mom- gift card to toys r us.- STILL NEED, HAVE ONE FOR TARGET

10. baby boy- 12 month old clothing- STILL NEED
11. single mom- gift card to safeway. - GIFTED

12. 3 year old- dollhouse and furniture.- GIFTED
13. single mom- gift card to safeway/trader joes- GIFTED

all of these gifts are given to local families in need
who are a part of the county's pre-natal to three program.
a recognized 501c3. receipts are available.

please email me asap if you are able to gift any of these items.
i am in the final stages of making this all happen.

while we have 70 blankets sponsored, i would love to
meet our goal of 200. these blankets will be handed out
to babies and children who attend st. anthony's christmas
dinner on christmas day. receipts are also available.



your choice- $5.00 for fleece blankets and $20.00 for flannel blankets.
big heart designs creates opportunities for local moms to successfully
work from home.

this is a great opportunity for your child to gift another for only $5.00....

happy holidays!
"the joy is in the giving"


Thursday, December 11, 2008

adopt a family update...


here is the update as of thursday morning....

Family August

Pregnant mom husband not supporting her

Size small maternity clothes. Gift card to Safeway and Target for clothes and food.

newborn infant boy clothes and blankets. Gift card to babies R US. Infant car seat with base and attachable to stroller. Baby monitor.

11 year old boy- small legos, walmart gift card, size 16 shirts and pants

Family DC

has had to quit her job to take care of her daughter and her husband.

had an accident 5 days after his daughter was born.
he has brain damage, blind in one eye and deaf in one ear.

was born with medical complications.
has had extensive surgery. she has been
in the hospital since birth and has just
been released.
she is fed through a feeding tube and has
a central line.
the hospital released her without a
good care plan. and the mom
is in over her head.

daughter needs 18month to 2t clothing.
age appropriate toys, books.

family really needs rent assistance
so that they are not evicted at the end
of this month. we can set up an account
with her caseworker if needed.

i am sure that they would be grateful for
a target or safeway card for food and supplies.

Family EPA

young single mom with medical challenges.
birthdad is in jail.
son is 5 months old.

she is isolated and only travels on the bus.

mom could use a bus pass.
target or safeway card.

son- 6 month+ boys clothing.
age appropriate toys and books.

Family MP

struggling single mom.
with 3 year toddler.

like every other single mom
out there, she is struggling to
keep a roof over her family's head,
food in the frig and gas in her car.

a target or safeway card to
buy groceries and clothing.
gas card

size 6 diapers and wipes.

a warm parka size 5T boys
size 10 boys shoes and sox.

anything thomas train....

mom would love
a warm robe. size 3x.
fuzzy warm sox.

Project Warm Hug's
wish list.

i am included this because honestly i really
need some help...

earlier this year, i was about to close down this
project. the funding that i had hoped for didn't come
through, the amount of time i devote to this project
was cutting into the time i need to work to provide for
my family (single mom with a 3 year old son)....

but.... i know that there are many many single moms
out there who are all struggling like i am. i decided to
do just what i could to support this "invisible community"

so here is my wish list.

1- i would love for 100 fleece blankets to be sponsored.
at $5.00 a piece.- this is one of our fundraisers.
this blankets will be given to local moms in need.
all blankets are made by local moms.

2. i would love for 100 flannel blankets to be sponsored
at $20.00 a piece- this is also one of our fundraisers.
these blankets will be given to local moms in need.
all blankets are made by local moms.

3. i would love for our $6,000 budget for this year and same
for next year to be covered. this is tough since i am just
a mom trying to make a difference, not a formal 501c3.

4. i would love to have a couple of volunteers each month
help me to pick up donations and deliver them.

ok, here is my personal wish list.... since a few of you have asked.

i would love to have cable again, and a tv that works.

i would love a digital camera and printer....

i would love for my attorney bill to be paid so that i can finalize my
son's adoption.... (approx $1400)

i would love for my car to be paid off so that i don't have that payment to make.

i would love for my dog's vet bill to be paid ($400).
this was for the vet to come to my house when my
dog was ill and passed away....

i would love for william to have his own room and for us
not to need to rent out our second bedroom... and to
live in a safer neighborhood....

i would love to be able to work this project full time....
and be able to provide for my family....

and i would love a new pair of earrings.

thanks, m
for more info.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Holiday Giving Program- Update

Greetings to all!

I have some very good news about our holiday program.

So far, I have 20 families adopted (68 family members!)

and have 18 blankets sponsored.

Here is what is still needed-

I have 6 more families that need to gifted.

one is a single mom with 2 kids.
one is a mom and dad with 2 kids.
three are single moms with one child each
and one is mom and dad with 1 child.

Each can be gifted for under $100!

I am hoping to provide a healthy food basket for each family as well.
A gift card to safeway for $20 per family will take care of this project.
I will do the shopping!!

Also I have added a $5.00 fleece blanket! Now, our kids can also get
personally involved by sponsoring a blanket.
So when you sponsor, please note how many fleece and how many flannel
blankets you are interested in gifting...
My hope is to have 200 blankets sponsored. I already have requests
by local organizations for 200 blankets... and likely more as the nights
get colder...

Thank you all for all of your support so far.