Sunday, October 25, 2009

priorities for the next 6 weeks!!


we have less than 6 weeks to complete our holiday giving program.
here is my thoughts on how to prioritize our efforts.

now until november 15th.

priority- sponsors for the remaining flannel blankets.
so far, we have 82 sponsored. have 212 remaining.
sponsorship is $15 a piece.
struggling single moms are making these blankets and are being
compensated for their efforts.
we have a number of organizations that have already requested
all of our finished blanket donations.
sponsors can use and
can be used for the recipient address. tax receipt will be provided
for all sponsorships.

november 16th- december 1st.

priorty- gifting families. this year we will be gifting 30 local families in need.
so far, we have 6 gifting families. need 24 more! each gifting
family will be providing gifts, gifts cards... for a local family in need.
businesses, departments, friends,... can join together to gift a family
as well. all 30 gifting families will be "assigned" their family by december 1st.
delivery of gifts will be by december 15th.

december 2nd- december 15th.

priority- sponsorships of food baskets and care baskets.
this is a perfect time for last minute
families who are interested in gifting to create baskets of food and care
products. these baskets will be given to local families in need.
i always get last minute requests for gifts and this is a perfect way of
making sure that this requests get gifted!

i hope this helps give some idea of how the next 6 weeks will be best
organized. please email me with any questions.

thanks so much. megan

Monday, October 12, 2009

our 5th annual holiday giving program!!


welcome to our 5th annual holiday giving program. this year, there are lots of options for giving!! our theme this year is a "home-made holiday". let's scale back our shopping and make gifts that will touch the hearts of the families we will be gifting. this year, we will be gifting families who are a part of the prenatal to three program, local family shelters, st. anthony's, and local single moms in need.

here are your gifting options!

1. sponsor baby blankets. flannel/fleece. handmade locally by single moms. $15/each
our goal is to donate #300. so far, 80 have been sponsored.

2. make a food basket. fill a "basket" with non-refrigerated foods; peanut butter,
crackers, fruit, homemade cookies,....
our goal is to donate #50 baskets.

3. make a care basket. fill a "basket" with care items; shampoos, toliet paper,
tampons, diapers, soap...
our goal is to donate #50 baskets.

4. adopt a family. 30 families will have created their wish lists for the holidays.

5. gift cards. always appreciated. target, safeway, gas cards, toys r us,...

all gifts will receive a tax receipt from the organization that they are donated to.
while project warm hug is NOT a 501c3, the organizations that we donate to are.

please contact me via. for more information.
to sponsor blankets, please use. using my
address as the recipient address. indicate the number of blankets you want to sponsor.

all gifts will be donated by december 15th.

thanks so much!!!

Project Warm Hug
Basically, I am one mom who wants to make a difference in the lives of other single moms in need... Formally, My mission is to provide warm clothing, dry diapers and cool books to local children in need. My vision is that through our efforts, an increase in social awareness of the economic diversity that creates our community will occur.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Families in Need. Donations requested.

Hi all.

We have started to collect the wish lists for our Adopt a Family holiday program. I wanted to post these asap, as these families could really use these "gifts" asap. If you have any of these items, or would like to donate any of the gift items.

Please contact me at

It is likely that at least another 20 families will be identified as a part of this year's program.

The majority of our families this year are a part of the county's prenatal to three program, a 501c3 organization. Tax receipts will be given!

I also have another 6 families that are also in need. These families are not a part of a county program, simply moms that I try to help as I can.

Thanks so much!!!

I have three families for you. I forgot how long it takes to do this.

I have their verbal consent to share this information with you. I used their first names but left off their last. As you will see I have a general list of household items and have left off and added items according to the family's request. I will try to work on the rest in the following weeks. Let me know if you need them sooner than I get them to you.

Take care,

Kana #1

Family of five. Mom unable to work as she has chronic depression. Having a hard time raising children. Father working for minimum wage. Family recently moved out of parents house to become more independent.

toilet paper
dish soap
all purpose cleaner
shaving cream
maxi pads/ tampons
baby shampoo
dish set
silverware set

Mom/Dad- Gift card to Target for clothes
Gift card to applebees, chevy's, fresh choice, safeway, or trader joes for food
Gift card to Arco for gas

child- 6 year old girl
7th grade learning activities and toys
Size 6 Jacket
Payless gift card for shoes
Loves the color green

Child- 3 year old girl
Preschool learning activities and toys
Loves the color purple and red
Size 3T Clothes
Payless gift card for shoes

Infant- 11 month old girl
18 month developmental toys
12 month infant clothes
Booster chair- with straps
walker/push toys
Size 5 diapers

Tara #2

Tara is a single teen mom raising two young children in East Palo Alto. Tara is very low literacy and struggles to take care of self and children. Tara is a Type I Diabetic and will be on medicine her entire life. Her 2 year old son if deaf in one ear and mom has been struggling to learn sign language to help communicate with him. She has a 1 year old baby girl who is developing without any problems. They rent and live in 1 bedroom.

toilet paper
dish soap
all purpose cleaner
shaving cream
maxi pads/ tampons
baby shampoo
sippy cups with lids
children plates and silverware
dish set
silverware set
baby wipes

Tara: gift cards to walmart or target for bedding
gift card to safeway or target for food
Double stroller for children

2 year old boy- loves music and the color green
2 year old developemntal toys
play kitchen
Toy truck
Size 8 (toddler) shoes
Size 3T Jacket, shirts, and pants
3T-4T pull-ups

1 year old girl
18 month developmental toys
18 months clothes
Size 5 (baby)shoes
Size 4 diapers

Michelle #3

Michelle is a single mom. Family is very isolated as they rent 1 room in Portola Valley. Child is developmentally delayed. He has been diagnosed as mentally retarded.
Mom is having a hard time finding work as son is on a feeding tube and has significant delays. Mom does not have the money to find childcare or the gas money she needs to find a job.

toilet paper
dish soap
paper towels
all purpose cleaner
shaving cream
maxi pads/ tampons
baby shampoo
sippy cups with lids
children plates and silverware
baby wipes

Gift card to Woodside market, safeway, foods co and chevron
cordless telephone for house
running shoes size 7.5
clothes size medium

3 year old son
3 year old/preschool developmental toys
anything football
crayons, coloring books
washable paint
Size 3T shirts/jacket
4T pants
Size 9 toddler shoes/socks
4-5T pull-ups