Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Program Update as of November 30th.


as of tonight, here is our update...

families to be adopted/gifted- 26.

families offering to gift- 16

(approx $100 or $100 in gift cards)

blankets sponsored- 11

we have orders from local agencies for more than 200 blankets.
these blankets will be gifted to local children in need.

Families will be matched with families tomorrow. Monday/ 12/01
All gifts need to be received by December 15th.

for more information. please read the previous post.

tax receipts available for all donations.
thanks so much!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday Giving Programs.


I have expanded our holiday giving program this year so that there are
more choices for you and your family to help gift a local family in need!

Please share this program with your friends, family and neighborhood.
There are more families in need than ever this season.

Holiday Giving Program.

1- Warm Hug Blanket Drive- Each blanket is a $20 donation.
My goal is to have 200 blankets sponsored by 12/1
Not only will a local mom in need receive a wonderful gift. but...
since all blankets will be made by local moms who determined to work from home.
$10 will be given to the mom who makes the blanket,
$5.00 will be donated to the "Single Mom's Emergency Fund".
and $5.00 will be for supplies and fabric.
You will receive a tax donation receipt for each blanket that you gift.
Buy one or a dozen or more!

your name______________________________________________
mailing address__________________________________________
email address___________________________________________
phone number___________________________________________
number of blankets____________________ amount $___________
will send ck_____________ send to: 174 spruce ave. menlo park. ca. 94025
or will use paypal_________________ use - recipient address.

2. Gifting a local family in need. (adopt a family)
You will be able to gift a local family in need with gifts from their wish list.
Each family member will ask for a gift with a value of $20 or less.
Each family will ask for a family gift with a value of $50. or less.
You are always welcome to add gift cards or additional gifts!!
I will play match maker based on your input and the family's wish list.
A tax donation receipt will be sent to you for the amount that you have spent for gifts.
All gifts will need to be delivered to "gift central" (tba) by 12/15.

My family is interested in gifting a family this year./_______________
Our mailing address is:______________________________________
We would like to gift a family with ____________ members.
Any additional comments____________________________________

3. Food drive for St. Anthony's in Menlo Park.
St. Anthony's feeds over 500 people a day; Seniors, Single moms and their kids, Homeless, Day Workers and so on.... are grateful for their hot lunch program.
Donations of bread, vegetables, fruit, desserts are also available as needed by each attendee. (11am-1pm. Monday through Saturday).
The volunteers that run this program are simply amazing!!.
for more information.

St. Anthony's has asked specifically for the following items.
Basics- Beans, Rice, Cooking Oil, Mayonnaise.
If you can buy an extra while you are shopping... that would be
awesome. Bags of donations can be delivered to the following addresses.
174 spruce ave. menlo park ca 94025- please leave in front of the garage.
if you can be a donation drop off site, please let me know~!

I hope that I have included a giving choice that you and your family would like to participate with this holiday season. Please email me with any questions!!

Thanks so much!
megan rosenhart
project warm hug- a local community program run by
one mom who wants to make a difference in the lives of local
moms in need. 650-468-3065