Sunday, August 26, 2007

Great Opportunity- Challenge Grant!!!


We have a tremendous opportunity in the next four weeks that I know we can achieve.

A generous PAMP mom has made a challenge to the local community on behalf of Project Warm Hug. From now until Sept 22nd, every dollar donated to PWH she will match dollar for dollar-- up to a total of $2500.

Your donation has twice the value and power to make a difference. How to do it? It's easy log onto or send a check to 174 spruce ave,menlo park, ca 94025 by Sept 22nd.Your continued generosity has helped many children and infants get the daily essentials they so desperately deserve. Dry diapers are our most requested item. Currently, we are serving about 1,000 children!!

Your support is making a difference today. Won't you please help me continue our mission of providing warm clothing, dry diapers and cool books to local children in need. Just log onto and you can help make a difference right now. (use my email as the recipient, funds will be deposited into our business checking account.)

Thank you!
Blessings, Megan

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

current wish list.

here is our current wishlist-

other than diapers and funding...

1. a garage makeover to allow us to house all of our donations.
needs shelving unit, paint, piece of carpet would be great.
lots of tupperware boxes. and a few folks to help me put it all

2. gift cards to target, safeway, gas cards.

3. 5 hours a week of volunteer time.

4. some more diaper donation drop off points.
need sunnyvale, mountain view, cupertino, san jose, los gatos.
let me know if you would like to volunteer.

5. encouragement that this is all worth it!!!

Latest Update on the Diaper and Funds Drive!!


So far we have received some very generous donations!!!

40 cases of diapers!! - svmomsblog
all of which will be donated by the end of the week.

$2,000- yeh!! -svmomsblog

$2,500- yeh! - pamp mom

and a challenge grant- pamp mom
for the next $2500 to come in,
it will be matched dollar for dollar.
total worth- $5000
-$50 received. - pamp mom
$2450 still needed.

we are well on our way of meeting this year's goal of $31,200

please tell your friends!!!
thanks, megan

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

From Big Heart Designs, Fleece Stroller Blanket with Ribbon Ties.

This is the perfect gift!!! A snugglie, soft stroller blanket with ribbon ties. The ribbons are tied to the stroller so you will not lose another blanket!!! The size is approx. 28" x 28". This print is called "dogs gone wild". Each blanket is $14.00, shipping is included within the U.S.

Email me with your fabric selection, the quantity desired and your mailing address.
I will email you back a total, which can be paid through using my email address of as the recipient. Once I receive payment confirmation, I will send it out to you!! Easy as that!

25% of all sales will be donated to Project Warm Hug!!!
Here are two other designs of the fleece stroller blanket; "flower power" and "navy and white stars". I have limited amounts of each. Made from 100% polyester fleece. Throw it in the washer and dryer! The trick to washing fleece is to make sure that there is no velcro, no rough fabrics, no denim jeans in the wash with it. Wash soft fabrics with soft fabrics to keep them soft!!!

Diaper Donation Drop-off Locations.

Diaper Drop-off Locations... so far, if you are interested in being a drop-off location please let me know. thanks!!!

Please ONLY leave diapers at these locations.

kathy- redwood city.
2532 McGarvey at Connecticut;
please leave them on the porch.

wendy- los altos.
794 Sunshine
cross street springer
please leave diapers on the porch.

marquerite- palo alto
3080 Cowper
south of oregon expy
please leave diapers on the porch.

julie- menlo park
1339 orange
cross street valpariso.
please leave diapers on the porch.

Celeste- Daly City
145 W. Moltke St
Daly City, Cacross street is Station Ave
you can leave donations behind the gate.

megan- campbell
i am usually at the campbell
farmers market on sundays from
9-1pm. i am in the artist section.
our booth has a blue playroom foam floor.
call ahead to make sure i am there.

Monday, August 13, 2007

our financial wish list.

hi all.


for those of you who have asked... here is our financial wishlist.

for july and august's expenses-
$400 asap! by today. 8/13! RECEIVED!!
$1400 by august 15th. RECEIVED!!

for september- december's expenses. RECEIVED!!
$800 by september 1st
$800 by october 1st
$800 by november 1st
$800 by december 1st

for reimbursement of november 2006- june 2007. $2000 RECEIVED SO FAR.
$10,000 by december 31st.

for megan's "stipend" for the last 14 months.
$14,000 by december 31st.

that will catch us up!!! TOTAL STILL NEEDED- $22,000

2008 budget is being created based. tba.
likely around $30,000 for the entire year.

Friday, August 10, 2007

a thank you from a mom...

i wanted to express my gratitude for the beautiful clothes for my son, xxxxx.
thank you so much for the diapers for both of my children. everything did really come in handy during this time of hardship for me. thank you again. xxxx

this is why i do what i do.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

updated diaper and funds drive.

hi all.

our diaper cupboard is bare. we donated out our last pack of diapers today. we have requests for diapers that could equal more than 2000 a week!!!! so the original 5000 diapers hoped for needs to be increased to at least 10,000 if not 20,000.

our bank account is bare. i personally paid for july's expenses of $900. i am in dire need of reimbursement in order to cover my july/august bills. $15,000 is still the magic number to pay for our expenses 11/06-12/31/07. these are all out of pocket expenses, no payroll.

please email me directly with any questions, suggestions,...

thanks so much, megan