Sunday, May 03, 2009

mother's day update.

hi all.

with less than a week away from mother's day, we are sadly short of gift cards to gift local moms in need with. so far we have 4 safeway cards and 2 target cards. i know that economy is affecting all of us, so i don't expect huge amounts on the cards. a $10.00 card will certainly brighten the day of a local mom in need.

at this point, we will not be creating baskets, just gifting the gifts we receive.
this way we can gift more moms in need...

moms who were gifted through our holiday adopt a family program will be the first moms to receive mother's day gifts.

safeway and target cards are the most useful.
they can be sent to:
174 spruce ave. menlo park ca 94025.
i will confirm when they have been received.

i will also do a pick up run later in the week. if you want a pick up
email me and i will add you to the list! i will likely do this on thursday am.


diapers are always in need. size 6's and wipes are gold right now.
lotions, soaps, are a welcome gift as well.
a plate of home made cookies; cake...

i just want to let these moms know that there are not forgotten
on mother's day.