Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here are the families so far.... updated 12/1.

hi all.

thanks again! you are awesome!! so, it is december 4th and we all ready have gifts ready for delivery for a number of the families. there are still three families that need gifts. don't worry about the december 6th date... if you can get them to me by the end of next week, that is great!!



Thanks so much for your generosity!!

This year, I am posting all of the families that we will be gifting. Please take a look at this list and let me know who you want to gift. You do NOT need to adopt a whole family, one person is just fine.

You also do NOT need to buy everything on their list. We try to gift around $25 per person and a special $50 family gift. Additional gift cards are always welcome. As are food baskets...

So, after you take a look... email me at bigheartdesigns@yahoo.com and let me know your thoughts. I will update this list daily. Please also give me your second choices...

All presents should be wrapped and labeled with the family and person's name.
All presents should available for pick up or drop off by December 6th!! Early
this year!!

Please let me know of any questions.
Thanks, Megan and Tami, prenatal to three program caseworker

Also, please make sure that you email me your name and address for receipt purposes. It is your job to track the amount you spend.

Also.... 60 of the 113 blankets were donated last week!! the other 53 have been spoken for and will be donated to the TAPP program. i am still taking sponsorships!! it would be great to reach at least 200. the last 87 will be donated to the adopt a family kids, as well as to the willow clinic for their moms in need. sponsorship is $15 per blanket and can be paid through paypal.com thanks so much!!

Here are the families so far.


Family of five. Mom unable to work as she has chronic depression. Having a hard time raising children. Father working for minimum wage. Family recently moved out of parents house to become more independent.

toilet paper
dish soap
all purpose cleaner
shaving cream
maxi pads/ tampons
baby shampoo
dish set
silverware set

Mom/Dad- Gift card to Target for clothes
Gift card to applebees, chevy's, fresh choice, safeway, or trader joes for food
Gift card to Arco for gas

child- 6 year old girl
7th grade learning activities and toys
Size 6 Jacket
Payless gift card for shoes
Loves the color green

Child- 3 year old girl
Preschool learning activities and toys
Loves the color purple and red
Size 3T Clothes
Payless gift card for shoes

Infant- 11 month old girl
18 month developmental toys
12 month infant clothes
Booster chair- with straps
walker/push toys
Size 5 diapers


Tara is a single teen mom raising two young children in East Palo Alto. Tara is very low literacy and struggles to take care of self and children. Tara is a Type I Diabetic and will be on medicine her entire life. Her 2 year old son if deaf in one ear and mom has been struggling to learn sign language to help communicate with him. She has a 1 year old baby girl who is developing without any problems. They rent and live in 1 bedroom.

toilet paper
dish soap
all purpose cleaner
shaving cream
maxi pads/ tampons
baby shampoo
sippy cups with lids
children plates and silverware
dish set
silverware set
baby wipes

Tara: gift cards to walmart or target for bedding
gift card to safeway or target for food
Double stroller for children

2 year old boy- loves music and the color green
2 year old developemntal toys
play kitchen
Toy truck
Size 8 (toddler) shoes
Size 3T Jacket, shirts, and pants
3T-4T pull-ups

1 year old girl
18 month developmental toys
18 months clothes
Size 5 (baby)shoes
Size 4 diapers


Michelle is a single mom. Family is very isolated as they rent 1 room in Portola Valley. Child is developmentally delayed. He has been diagnosed as mentally retarded.
Mom is having a hard time finding work as son is on a feeding tube and has significant delays. Mom does not have the money to find childcare or the gas money she needs to find a job.

toilet paper
dish soap
paper towels
all purpose cleaner
shaving cream
maxi pads/ tampons
baby shampoo
sippy cups with lids
children plates and silverware
baby wipes

Gift card to Woodside market, safeway, foods co and chevron
cordless telephone for house
running shoes size 7.5
clothes size medium

3 year old son
3 year old/preschool developmental toys
anything football
crayons, coloring books
washable paint
Size 3T shirts/jacket
4T pants
Size 9 toddler shoes/socks
4-5T pull-ups

Single mother of 4 children struggling to provide for children. Father recently incarcerated.
Mother: Needs gas card to chevron or Shell, gift card to Safeway, CVS pharmacy, target
Size medium clothes, tennis shoes size 7 ½,
9 year old girl- Size 10 pants, shirts, gift card to target for computer games, likes sports, and the color blue
7 year old boy- Size 7 clothes, pants, shirts, jacket. Loves soccer, football, and race cars
3 year old boy- Size 3 clothes, pants, shirts, jacket. Would love movies, coloring books, and t-ball set.
10 month old boy- Size12 month clothes, pants, shirts, pajamas. 1 year developmental toys.


Struggling family of five. Mother and father both working but not making enough to cover all their bills.
Mother- Gift cart to Safeway, Rite Aide, Target, Gas card to Aarco, Size small clothes
Father- Gift card to buy wife x-mas present. Size large clothes
4 year old boy- Size 5 clothes, Shoe size 10 toddler, Loves board games and Superman
3 year old girl- Size 3 clothes, Shoe size 8 toddler, Loves to color and paint, wants play food/kitchen, loves stickers
14 month old boy- 18 month clothes, Shoe size 4. 2 year old developmental toys

22 year old mother of three children is trying to work and go to school. Mother taking the bus to and from work/school which means she is not spending as much time with the children as she needs to.
Mother- Gift card to Food for less, Safeway, target for clothes, food, diapers
4 year old girl- Size 6 clothes, easy bake oven, princess coloring books
2 year old boy- Size 2 clothes, Thomas the Train, trains, tracks, and books
8 month old boy- 12 month clothes, 1 year old developmental toys

Single mother as a result from domestic violence. Mo struggling to make bills, she has been denied insurance for her son because of previous medical conditions and has to pay cash out of pocket for all doctors appointments. Family is on 3 month wait list for Healthy Families.
Mom- Size large clothes, Target gift card, Gas card
18 month old boy- 2 year old clothes and developmental toys

Single mom with medical challenges. Has two daughters. One in the second grade and one who is almost 2. She has just moved out of a condemned garage. Her new place is also a garage and is very cold.

Mom- Pots and Pans, rice cooker. Safeway gift card.
8 year old daughter- Size 12 girls clothing. warm coat. new shoes. size 2.
2 year old daughter- Size 2t. warm coat.

Father just got laid off of work. Family having a hard time paying bills.
Mom- Size medium shirt, warm jacket, gift card to MI Pueblo Market, Gift card to Chevron, Gift card to Wal-Mart
Dad: Size large Jacket, Shirts, Gift card to home depot
14 year old boy- Gift card to Wal-Mart for games, Basketball, Shirts, Jacket men’s small
11 year old girl- Art set, doll, Size 12 clothes, jacket
1 year old boy- 12 month clothes and developmental toys, size 4 shoes

Struggling family of six. Mom has twins babies one has down’s syndrome. Older child with Type I Diabetes.
Mom- Size large clothes. Gift card to Chevron, MI Pueblo super market, Gift card to target for diapers, toiletries etc.
Dad- Size X-large Jacket, sweatshirts, t-shirts
10 year old boy- Size 11 clothes, gift card to Wal-Mart for games, skateboard
8 year old boy- Size 10 clothes, games, soccer ball, baseball and bat and bases
9 month old twin girl (Down’s Syndrome) - 9 month girl clothes and developmental toys
9 month old twin boy-12 month old clothes and developmental toys

Family of six living in a small trailer.
Pregnant mom due December 30th -gift card to target
Dad-gift card to sears
19 year old girl- Gift card to Nordstrom Rack, Starbucks, size medium women’s clothes
17 year old girl- Gift card to Nordstrom Rack, Starbucks, size large women’s clothes
12 year old girl- size 11 clothes, gift card to target for toys/games
10 year old girl- Clothes size 10, movies tickets, Jamba Juice
2 year old girl- Size 3 T clothes, pay dough, dolls, scooter with elbow and knee pads
Newborn girl- 0-3 month baby girl clothes, diapers, newborn toys, rattle

Single mom of child with cerebral palsey. Mom struggling as child is very hard to keep calm. Mom spends about 16 hours a day rocking and swinging daughter to keep her comfortable. Mom is unable to work due to daughters medical needs.
Mom- Gas card to Target, Safeway, Costco, Aarco for basic needs. Mom size medium clothes (although she spends most days in her pajamas).
Daughter- 12 month clothes, size 4 diapers, toys that light up and make sounds

LINDA FAMILY #13- Adopted Diana
Hello I am requesting a family to be adopted. This family is very poor and live in Redwood City. This 3 year old son has developmental disabilities and as a result the parents are struggling to provide everything for their son. Both parents are on disability as they have a lot of medical problems. The family has recently moved into an apartment and their resource needs are very high. I suspect gift cards would make it easier to purchase a lot of these items.
Gift cards-Safeway, target, Kmart, Wal-Mart, Marshalls, Applebee’s, sizzler, payless
Twin bed and mattress2 twin bed frames
2 sets of twin sheets and bedding
coffee table
end tables
plates, bowls, silverware
non stick pots and pans
sippy cups
Mr. clean bathroom cleaners
ALL bathroom cleaners
bathroom mats, shower curtain
soap dispenser
toothbrush holder, toothpaste
body wash, kids bubble soap
hair soap and conditioner
toilet paper, paper towels
mop, broom, swifter mop
King size bed, mattress, frame, bedding, and pillows
love seat
coffee maker
throw rugs
picture frames
toddler safety locks
children’s movies
DVD player
Play station 3, and games
women’s purse
video camera
women shoes 10 wide, socks size 10
women’s clothes size 4x large
boys clothes 13-14 husky
3 year old developmental toys and games
men’s shoes 11 1/2, socks size 11 ½
Men’s clothes 42-30, 3x t-shirts


Family of four. Mom struggling with youngest son with developmental delays. She was told her child has autism by the school district but the doctors says he is normal. Mom overwhelmed with his behaviors and has to wait three months to be assessed by developmental clinic.

Mom- gift card to target, Marshall's, Kmart, size small jacket
Dad- gift card to Walgreen's, ARCO, size large jacket
10 year old son- gift card to Target for games, clothes
3 year old (autism)- 3 year old developmental toys, games, computer games. He gets upset by loud noises. Size 4 clothes, size 9 shoes.

Single mom who lost a son last year. Her son is very depressed since the loss of his brother.
Mom- Gift card to target for clothes and bedding
18 month old boy- developmental toys, bath toys, soothing music, 2T clothes, size 8 shoes

SARA FAMILY #16- ADopted Tara
Single mom laid off from the tech industry who has been hit hard by the economic downturn. She once had the pick of high tech jobs, now cleaning, babysitting and doing odd jobs to pay the rent and utilities. They are often hungry and could greatly use either a Safeway or Target card for the holidays. She likes world imports like you find at the Cost plus and warm up track suits in black.
Her fourth grade daughter likes things from the Disney store, the tween shop Justice, and athletic logo gear for her favorite teams the SF 49ers, Oakland Athletics, Sharks and Warriors.

Single mom with 4 year old son. Mom has been dealing with chronic medical issues that prevent her from working as much as she needs to in order to meet her bills.
Her wish list is simple. Any kind of gift card that would help out with the basics is helpful; safeway, shell, target. A luxury gift card would be to Ikea, trader joes, a manicure or a dvd player since they no longer have cable.
Her son loves hot wheels, art supplies, a kid's cd player and cds. "cars" dvd.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

holiday giving program update

holiday giving program update.

so far, 113 blankets have been sponsored!
hope to still have another 187 more sponsored to meet our goal of 300.

have 17 families that need to be adopted. i know that there are many more
on our waiting list.

we only have 5 families so far that are willing to "adopt" a family's wish list.
help!! we need at least 12 more and hope to have many more than that.

i am hosting a holiday boutique on december 11th and 12th, that will also be a fundraiser for food/care baskets. i will send out more details soon.

as we move into thanksgiving week, please take a moment to be grateful for all that
you have and remember that there are so many local families that are truly in need.
being able to share with others is truly a gift and a great lesson to teach our children. blessings to all. megan

Thursday, November 05, 2009

need your help!


here is a quick update. our goal is to have 300 blankets made, sponsored and donated this holiday season. so far, we have 99 sponsored!!

all 300 blankets have already been promised to the pre to three program in san mateo county. this program serves over 5000 lo-income families with children.

please, if you are able to... sponsor one, a dozen, or more blankets. each is $15.00
you can use paypal.com, using bigheartdesigns@yahoo.com as the recipient address or
mail a ck to: 174 spruce ave. menlo park. ca 94025. cks made out to m. rosenhart/blankets. receipts will be given for tax purposes.

also, we are still looking for families who are able to "adopt a wish list" for a local family in need as well as canned goods, non perishable foods, and care products for our gift baskets.

thanks so much!!