Friday, January 01, 2010

a slice of our life.

a week before christmas, i had a local mom email me to ask if i had any ideas for a project to do with her 4 year old daughter...on christmas day. the best i could do was to suggest that we make fleece scarves and pass them out to the kids in line at st. anthony's on 12/24. so we did.

on tuesday eve. julie came over and we cut out 80 scarves. she was kind enough to bring more fabric home and cut out some more.

on thursday, we met at my house and drove over to st. anthony's together. the one on middlefield between rwc and atherton. when we drove into the parking lot, it was filled with fire engines... the worst thoughts entered my mind. but, NOOOOO it was the toys for tots giveaway!! there were hundreds of kids and parents in line... fire engines everywhere and dozens of fire fighters... hope there weren't any emergencies that day!!

we found parking spaces, gathered our 4 year olds and the scarves and headed to the line of people... this is the line where you wait for lunch, a hot lunch. one you can receive 6 days a week without any question. it is actually well balanced!! at the end of the lunch line, you can also receive fresh breads, rolls, desserts, fruits and vegetables. (donated by safeway, trader joes, farmers markets, and others)
over 600 kids and adults receive lunch on a daily basis. the demographics aren't what you might think. lots of seniors, vets, moms, dads, kids, babies, some homeless. these folks are our neighbors.

julie's daughter and my son were loaded up with scarves and told to hand them out to kids. with our guidance, they did an amazing job!! what struck me is that every single child said thank you, and was honestly happy to receive a simple fleece scarf.

close to the end of our 120 scarves, just about 45 minutes... a family came up who had 5 kids. i asked if they had received their gifts from toys for tots. "no, they locked down the line, there are too many families...." said the mom. these kids were broken hearted. maybe they could come back tomorrow, but with no promises of toys.
they received scarves from two smiling toddlers! didn't make much difference. but some. i remembered that i had a $20 target card in my pocket. i pulled the mom over and gave it to her to buy something special for the family. i was sorry that i couldn't do more for her in the moment...

the last of our scarves were passed out. julie left with her daughter... and william and i went in to have lunch. wm loves their mac and cheese!! inside, i saw many of the kids wearing their new scarves! william and i got our lunch and sat down. we sat next to a family with a couple of these kids. to my surprise, the 7ish year old boy caught my eye to say thank you again!

we left about the same time as this family. their mom and i had been given bags of donated bread, veggies, fruits... as moms were both grateful for the services of st. anthony's. as moms we understood each other... we watched our kids laugh and play with each other as we walked towards our cars. we smiled as we offered a "merry christmas" to each other! we may see each other again. we may not. but, in this moment, we were friends.

in this short slice of life, i remembered why i do what i do... i also remembered why i am grateful for the services that have helped my family through a very tough last couple of years.

happy new year to all!! may 2010 bring you joy in the giving, happiness in the moment, and peace in your life.

megan and william.

Final Results- Holiday Giving Program

Thanks for all you participated in this year's success!!

18 families were "adopted" and gifted with their wish list's gifts!!
a very special thanks to the RWCMC!!!
(Prenatal to Three Program, San Mateo County)

120 children were gifted with fleece scarves, handed out at st. anthony's on 12/24
thanks to julie, ali, william....
(St. Anthony's of Redwood City)

50 teen moms were gifted with flannel blankets for their newborns or soon to be babies.
(TAPP in Sequoia Union High School District)

65 moms were gifted with flannel blankets for their infants.
thanks to the women of the LDS Church in Menlo Park
(Prenatal to Three Program, San Mateo County)

150 children received warm coats and sweatshirts, hats, lunch boxes...
thanks to my mom, who picked up and washed and donated the lost and found from
Santa Rita's school.
(St. Anthony's of Redwood City)

50 extra gifts were donated to local children in need.
i collect all year long.
(Prenatal to Three Program)