Monday, April 16, 2007

Our April Update.

hi all.

sorry it has been so long since my last update.
life has been moving very quickly these past few months.
lots of updates for you. so here we go...

1. Office update- Our Menlo Park office/studio/shop... closed the end of March. Two strong reasons for this decision. One, we don't have funding yet this year, and I couldn't afford to cover the rent. Second, I was finding it harder and harder to be on the second floor, carrying a toddler and stroller. I know that many of you were also have trouble with this. So when our lease ran out, I chose not to re-new.

2. Location- We are now working out of a storage unit in Redwood City and the back of my SUV!. I will have a monthly drop off location in Menlo Park. It will likely be the 1st Saturday of the month. Along with being a drop off day, we will also be hosting a "yard sale". I will post the date for May soon.

3. Finances- This time last year, we had already received $20,000 in funding. This year we are in the red by about $5800 so far. I have reduced our overhead to $865 a month before any stipends. This allows us to have storage/warehouse space in Redwood City for Shelter Network and one in San Jose for Friends Outside of Santa Clara. At this point, the $5800 needs to be recovered and the $865 for the next 8 months needs to be received.

4. Programs- In our current situation, I am able to continue to receive donations ( children's clothing, diapers, and some larger items as needed) and deliver to both Shelter Network and Friends Outside. I have set up a Children's Clothing Closet for both locations. This allows the case workers to pick up what their families need as it is needed. In addition to gently worn children's clothing, our biggest need is diapers. All sizes, open packs are fine.

5. Additional programs from last year-
The End of the Year Lost and Found Program. Last year we picked up the end of the year lost and found from over 16 local schools. We received an awesome amount of great clothing. To continue this program, we need at least $2500. I figure we did about 100 loads of laundry. At $15 a load for the time and expense, and $50 for the pick up (gas and time) . I already have a number of the schools asking if we are going to do this again. We need funding for this to happen again....
The Chocolate Bunny Program. Last year we delivered 304 chocolate bunnies to the children we serve. Unfortunately, we did not have the funding to be able to do this program this spring. Hopefully next year, we will be able to do this again.

6. Our wish list-
a digital camera- we have a few items we can sell on eBay to raise money.
gas cards- my SUV uses up gallons of gas each week picking up and delivering donations.
gift cards- for our supplies as we need them.
diapers, diapers, diapers.... or gift cards to purchase them.
lots and lots of Tupperware boxes to organize our donations in. $3.99 at target.
volunteer hours... to sort donations, to inventory, to pick up and to deliver.

I am hopeful that our fourth year will continue to be successful! Project Warm Hug is dedicated to providing warm clothing, dry diapers and cool books to local children in need. The majority of the children we serve either affiliated with Shelter Network or Friends Outside of Santa Clara.

Please take a look at our latest venture to becoming self sufficient at:

thanks so much.

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