Friday, June 08, 2007

June's First Update!

Summer Greetings!

I have a lot of share with you! Lots of opportunities!

diapers are still our most requested item. any size, open packs are fine. wipes would also be great. next friday, i will be doing a day of pick ups. email me with your address and i will pick up on the 15th.

i have submitted my big heart designs collection and it was approved! by urban village farmers market association. as an artist vendor, it will be likely that i am at a different location each week. i will post this information.
this week; sunday from 9-1pm we will be at the CAMPBELL farmers market. for additional information email me at
i will be debuting the cutest collection of little girl's dresses, totes for mommy and me, aprons for daddy and me (great for father's day). and car seat covers that come off easily for washing. the portion of every sale will be donated back to project warm hug. this is the first step for us to become self sufficient.

project warm hug delivered over 300 items of clothing today, 2 crib mattresses, a bouncy chair and a bathtub to St. Francis Center in Redwood City. they are in need of diapers, tampax, double strollers, car seats for toddlers, maternity clothing. if you have any of these items, email me and i will pick up next friday.

i have our monthly budget down to absolute bare bones. simply with the cost of storage and gas, we need $500 a month of our san mateo county recipients and $500 a month of our santa clara county recipients. any kind of financial donation is greatly appreciated. yes, it is tax deductible!


a washer and dryer, so we can wash the lost and found we collect. (also need it personally, it would save me so much time and effort to be able to wash from home)

a canopy for the farmers markets, orchard supply has the one we want.
donation of $120.00

gift cards for target, gas, joannes fabrics. all are very useful for items throughout the month.

tupperware tubs- for sorting donations. we need about 20 at each location. target has a version that is $3.99. perfect size. donation of $80.00

any leads on summer events where artist vendors are welcome!

anyone want to host a big heart design trunk show??? lots of fun!
and you can receive really cute clothing as a thank you. i am hoping to be able to have one trunk show a month!
for more information...

thanks so much for your support.
look for another update next week!!!

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