Monday, July 16, 2007

Just the beginning of our July update.

summer greetings!

in the last three weeks a lot has been accomplished!

project warm hug has made three large donations to local organizations that deliver our donations right to the families in need.

i will get the first two's numbers up shortly, but i can tell you that the
san mateo county, pre to three program just received-

1 stroller
740 diapers
14 cans of formula
1 bottle of lotion
35 pieces of maternity clothing
and 150 items of newborn clothing.

thanks to all of you who donate to us!


thank you to the palo alto menlo park parent's club, project warm hug received it's first grant since last august!!! for $1500! thank you so much!!!


thank you all who have been pariticpating in our diaper drive. it looks like we have collected and donated close to 3000 diapers so far. this program is going to continue through the end of august. please email me if you have diapers to donate, open packs are fine, new packs are great, wipes are great too. i will let you know where the closest drop off place is, or when i will be in the area to pick up.


we are beginnning to receive target gift cards, any amount is welcome. we will use these cards to purchase uniforms for the children in shelters who need them for school. please mail them to megan rosenhart c/o 174 spruce ave. menlo park, ca 94025.
please note, this is not a drop off location for items. just our mailing address.


changes to decrease our expenses.... we have consolidated our san jose storage to one unit. this will save ~~ $150 a month. we are beginning to consolidate our redwood city storage into a smaller location as well. hope to save another ~150.

with these changes... our annual budget from November 2006- December 2007 for out of pocket expenses is $15,150~ of which only $1500 has been covered. this does not include any compensation for the program director. that's me!

please, please, please.... participate in our community fundraising program!!

announcing project warm hug's community fundraising program.

we need #151 families to donate $20 dollars a month for the next 5 months.

5 dollars a week. that is less than 2 lattes!!!

in order for me, megan to receive a $1500 a month salary... yes, $18000 a year. that is less than $9.00 an hour on a full time basis....
another 180 famiilies need to donate $20 a month for the next 5 months.

so in total.

we need #331 families to donate $20 a month for the next 5 months.

it is that simple.

donations are tax deductible!!!

send to- megan rosenhart c/o 174 spruce ave. menlo park, ca 94025.

that is it for now!
thanks for all of your support.


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