Tuesday, October 16, 2007

update as of october 10th.

greetings to all!

this has been quite the week.

project warm hug donated over #2400 items to la casita in redwood city, taking our total to over #40,000 items donated to date. actually #41348!!

i also downsized our storage unit in redwood city by30%. the timing on this was not my choice but the management at public storage pulled a very unethical move and i was not willing to stay there any longer. this move cost me a lot of time and a lot of money that had not be allocated to this project($1200).

i can finally get back to business for the rest ofthis week!
i have 3 businesses who are going to begin diaper and spare change drives for us! yeh!!!!

hopefully this will bring in some money for our holiday program.
aiming for $15,000 to gift #1000 children and their families.

in addition, our scarf a thon has begun. a number of moms have already commited to making quite a few scarves. i have a lot of extra yarn and fleece to add to this project! if anyone is interested in hosting a crafty evening, we could gather and create away!! i am happy to host the first if anyone is interested incoming. let me know what time and days work best for you.

here are the current numbers.
donated to date- #41,348
we will double last year's numbers tomorrow!!!
out of pocket expenses still needed to be paid- $4030
stipend needed for megan- $14,000
holiday program- $15,000 for gifts for 1,000 kids.

2008 funding- finally we are at a point with our donation results and our budget expectations meet at $1.00 an item donated.
for example-if project warm hug receives $50,000 in funding, a minumum of 50,000 items would be donated that year. this is really exciting for me... last year we were at$3.60 an item. with approx 21,000 items donated with abudget of $72,000- only ~$46.000 received.

my wish is that somewhere out there is a business/individual/ foundation... that is willing to "dare" me to donate #100,000 items, with a gift of $100,000.
this would mean that we have gone from #1500 items to#100,000 items in 5 years!!!
please tell your friends!

i know that my wish will come true!
peace. megan

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