Sunday, February 24, 2008

a quick update of our efforts, january and february.


finally i have a moment to sit here and write up an update. i wonder just how so much time can go by, so quickly. i believe it is called mommy-warp-speed.

since the beginning of the year,

the following groups have started diaper drives for us!:
cubes and crayons, menlo park
the children and family institute, menlo park
st timothy's school, san jose.
bonnie's pre-school, sunnyvale.
i picked up these donations the other day. the kids had brought items from home, folded them up and put a little paper heart in each pocket.
this is the third year that bonnie hosts a "diaper and clothing" drive for us. each year she teaches her kids that not everyone is as fortunate as they are, and that those who can share, need to share with others. each year, her kids are so proud of their bags of donations. these kids are 3-4 years old.

we have donated:
strollers- 3+2
pak n play-1
hi chair-2
bags of clothing- 90. approx 25 items per bag. (2250)
toys- 3 dozen (36)
books- 2 dozen (24)
diapers- 300+200 (500)

we have gifted:25 gift bags that included-
40 dozen diapers.(480)
25 new kid's t-shirts (25)
25 blankets (25)
tolietries (25)

we have donated to:
pre-natal to three program- san mateo county
st francis center- redwood city
kinship program- san mateo county
shelter network, san mateo county

going into march-

we have 0 diapers.
we have 0 gift cards.
all of our remaining diapers, clothing and items are being donated out this next week to a number of families who are in great need of donations.
donations estimated to total- 150 items.

total for jan and feb= ~3500 items.

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