Wednesday, December 16, 2009

yes, one more project....

hi all.

just had a mom email me to see if there was a project to do on christmas day or close to... i came up with this idea... and got it cleared through st. anthony's yesterday to hand out scarves to the children in line on christmas eve day... anyone interested???


response to the mom-

hi there

i have just finished up our adopt a family program... and winding down to enjoy the holidays myself. are you looking for something to do on christmas day itself? or during the vacation?

if we could stir up enough interest... we could make fleece scarves and hand them out to the kids in line at st anthony's on the 24th. 11am-1pm... we would need to make a couple of hundred at least.. would need 6-8 people and kids... i would make this happen if i had the help. we would need to raise about 50 cents per scarf for material... let me know what you think.... megan p.s. i got the go ahead from st. anthonys!! the location in menlo park/redwood city on middlefield.

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