Tuesday, December 21, 2010

final results!

thank you laurie, katie, julie, lynn, becky, kathy and lisa.
without you... 5 families with a total of 14 children would
not have received toys, new clothes, baskets of goodies and gift cards this year!!

this year has been the hardest hit yet.
our number of gifters was way down, and
the number of famliles in need was way up.

i would like to share a new idea... if you were able to
spend $25 a month of super bargain toys and clothes
and we could store all of these goodies throughout the year,
then come the holidays we would have dozens and dozens of toys and
clothes to gift...
gift cards are welcome anytime!!

what do you think??

thanks again!!
lots of love and hugs.

1 comment:

katieferrick said...

Sounds like a great idea to gather items through the year so it doesn't feel like such an expensive month... and I believe you are right that there will be more gifts by the time December rolls around that way! Count me in.