Monday, August 13, 2007

our financial wish list.

hi all.


for those of you who have asked... here is our financial wishlist.

for july and august's expenses-
$400 asap! by today. 8/13! RECEIVED!!
$1400 by august 15th. RECEIVED!!

for september- december's expenses. RECEIVED!!
$800 by september 1st
$800 by october 1st
$800 by november 1st
$800 by december 1st

for reimbursement of november 2006- june 2007. $2000 RECEIVED SO FAR.
$10,000 by december 31st.

for megan's "stipend" for the last 14 months.
$14,000 by december 31st.

that will catch us up!!! TOTAL STILL NEEDED- $22,000

2008 budget is being created based. tba.
likely around $30,000 for the entire year.

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