Sunday, August 26, 2007

Great Opportunity- Challenge Grant!!!


We have a tremendous opportunity in the next four weeks that I know we can achieve.

A generous PAMP mom has made a challenge to the local community on behalf of Project Warm Hug. From now until Sept 22nd, every dollar donated to PWH she will match dollar for dollar-- up to a total of $2500.

Your donation has twice the value and power to make a difference. How to do it? It's easy log onto or send a check to 174 spruce ave,menlo park, ca 94025 by Sept 22nd.Your continued generosity has helped many children and infants get the daily essentials they so desperately deserve. Dry diapers are our most requested item. Currently, we are serving about 1,000 children!!

Your support is making a difference today. Won't you please help me continue our mission of providing warm clothing, dry diapers and cool books to local children in need. Just log onto and you can help make a difference right now. (use my email as the recipient, funds will be deposited into our business checking account.)

Thank you!
Blessings, Megan

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