Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gift giving update/ gifts still needed.


the response to our giving programs has been wonderful!!!

we only have a few extra gifts that need to be is the list of gifts. please take a look and let me know if you would like to gift...

please wait for my confirmation before buying...

gift cards would also be great, i am sure that i will have some last minute requests.
thanks so much
meganproject warm hug

mc-single mom in need contour pad/changing table.
carseat for a 16lb baby
3 yr old girl- toys
high chair

la- single mom with 7 year old.
mom-size 7 work shoes.
synchilla tops- large
girl/7yr old.
disney figures, high school musical gear. cheetahgirls, hannah montana
pair of movie tickets
gas gift card

c4- in family shelter.
mom- pots and pans or nail kit.
14 yr old/boy-dress watch
7 yr old/boy- jacket size 10 boys.
11 yr old/girl-foot massage kit/foot soaker.
all love music
gift cards welcome.

"conjoined twin's family"
10 in family/ $50 for each.
i have the GIFT list or gift cards and i will shop!!

target gift card- $50+
safeway gift card- $50+
single mom just had a heart attack.
and has a 15 year old daughter.

our wish list still includes:
$4100 for out of pocket expenses.
$14000 for 14 months of stipend for megan
$4200 to buy the used car i am borrowing.
88 more moms to be sponsored for our mom's giving program ($40 a piece) already have 112 sponsored!

someone, ... to adopt us. project warm hug has 501c3 status as an affliate program of friends outside-until 12/31/07.

2008 budget is $36,000! and that includes all of our expenses and my "full" time salary!please

let me know if you have any questions.
thanks so much.megan

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