Wednesday, December 12, 2007

holiday giving program- update.


i am in a whirlwind of gifts for our holiday giving programs~! there has been such an amazing response from local moms to make this a very exciting season of giving!! thank you all.

i have just a few more gifts that need to be "adopted".

this is a last minute family wish list.
THIS FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!- extra gift cards are always welcome.
single mom with 2 year old son. for the 2 year old.
art supplies.
large roll of paper.
pots and pans for his play kitchen.
bath toys/paints...
he wears a size 3t on top and a 2t on bottom and size 8 shoes.
she would love a new "special" outfit for him for christmas dinner.
he loves dogs, trucks and trains.
he isn't into spiderman, cars, nemo, sponge bob....
or her.
simple/basic digital camera
flannel sheets/queen size.
bath towels- pink/yellow/lavender
gift card- cost plus, pier one, target, safeway, mervyn's, shell, kepler's.
so that she can shop the sales after christmas!
anything other than basics have not been in her budget for a long time...
she receives diapers and clothing for her son through project warm hug.

STILL NEED. - extra gift cards are always welcome.
mom and son in shelter
women's bike (prefer black)

STILL NEED extra gift cards are always welcome.
mom with 15 year old.
mom just had a heart attack.
$50 gift card to target.
$50 gift card to safeway.

STILL NEED - extra gift cards are always welcome.
single mom with 7 year old.
mom got laid off a month ago.
women's black work shoes. size 7.
synchilla sweatshirts/tops form gap or old navy.
gift card to toys r us.
coupon to movies for two.
gas card.

STILL NEED- extra gift cards are always welcome.
single mom with one year old.
only able to work part time.
gift card to target
gift card to safeway.
hi chair
changing table.

STILL NEED ALL OF THESE... for project warm hug.
donations and gift cards to add to our emergency fund.
this fund is available to moms who encounter an
unexpected expense that they need help with.

payoff of our borrowed car. $4000

payoff of our out of pocket expenses. $4100

someone to sponsor my "stipend" of $1000 a month for the last 14 months!!

and someone to sponsor my 2008 stipend of $1500 a month!

STILL NEED. a business, an organization, a neighborhood, ... to sponsor a month for next year. we are working towards this kind of project based community involvement.

thanks so much!!!
(i would love a gas gift card!!!)

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