Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008 Family Wishlist- #01

have a single mother in san mateo who does not speak english and is raising her 2 year old on her own.
She is a wonderful mom living on very little.
She does not have a car to drive her around.
Her needs are:
Silverwear: she has 2 spoons and 2 forksplates:
she has 2, cups:
she has 1sippy cups:
she has 1 new king sheets new king comforter and blanket
Television (20" or larger) with DVD would be great
she would appreciate a gift card to (these are the only stores she canget to by walking):
Key Market KMart Target
Clothes for mom " Vitalina":Pants (size 14)Shirts (L)Sweatshirts (L)Jackets (L)Shoes (size 7) white tennis and any black shoeSocks
Clothes for 2 year old girl "Maria":long sleeve and short Shirts: 3TPants: 3TJackets: 3TShoes:7 ½Socks

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nicole scarborough said...

i can help with clothes for the girl and sippy cups and utensils for the girl and potentially silverware. i will contact you when i have it all together.