Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Project Warm Hug's 2008 plan!


I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season.

William and I have been spending time at home in slow motion.
It has been great to look back and reflect on last year's efforts.
Below is Project Warm Hug's plan for 2008.
I would love your comments and suggestions.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is our 2008 plan.

To begin with the organization that we were working with in 2007, Friends Outside has eliminated a number of their programs, including ours.

This has been a huge disappointment especially since Friends Outside was founded by my grandmother.

In spite of this decision, Project Warm Hug will continue as a community program that collects and distributes warm clothing, diapers and books to local families in need.

The volume of this program will be confined to my garage and limited time each week. Last year, we donated #60,000 items! up from 21,000 for 2006.

I introduced to new programs last year; our 'adopt a family and adopt a mom' holiday giving programs. We gifted 21 families with over 200 gifts and gifted 122 moms with 'warm hug care packages'. Because of the success of these programs, I have decided to expand these programs to year round giving.

These families in need really need our assistance year round not just at the holidays.

Each month we will have a couple of families identified that need to be gifted. I will post the monthly wish lists on our blog at projectwarmhug.blogspot.com.

You can email me with the items that you would like to gift. The first two families are posted below. #01 and #02.

Our "adopt a mom" program quickly has shown that it is our most successful program for a couple of reasons.

This program combines Big Heart Designs with Project Warm Hug's efforts. Not only does a mom in need receive a "warm hug care package", a portion of the sponsorship is used for Project Warm Hug's operating expenses, a portion is used to create our "emergency fund".

The 'warm hug care package' includes a Big Heart Designs hand-crafted blanket valued at $24.00, diapers and wipes, a couple of books to read to their babies, and a special gift just for the mom.

The entire package will be valued at over $50.00. Big Heart Design's gifts are hand crafted by local moms who are looking for an opportunity to successfully work from home. This is a win all the way around!!

Each 'warm hug care package' sponsorship is $40.00.
My goal is to create and donate 1000 warm hug care packages this year!!!

Individual and monthly sponsorships are welcome. 1000 sponsorships will provide all necessary funding to continue Project Warm Hug as a community program, an emergency fund that will help many moms in need, and provide me with a "paycheck" to continue all of my efforts and also gift 1,000 moms in need!!!

So, our financial goal for 2008 is for 1000 'warm hug care packages' to be sponsored.
It is as simple as that. 20 warm hug care packages a week! (for 50 weeks).

I am hoping to jump start this year by receiving at least 100 sponsorships.
You can pay for your sponsorships via paypal.com or by sending a check.
I am happy to give you details for each.
I will be able to give you a receipt from the organization that receives your care packages.
Email me if you are interested in this program.
Here is an overview of our 2007 results!
number of items donated- ~60,000last year- ~21,000
number of families gifted- 21last year- 0/ new program
number of moms gifted- 122last year- 0/ new program
donation sites- 12last year- 0 new program.
we were ~$2500 short of meeting our out of pocket expenses.
we were 100% short of the $14000 to provide me with a monthly stipend. (for the last 14 months) these amounts will be set up as a note payable for 2008.

Here is a list of how you can make a difference.
~host a diaper drive.
~host a book drive.~host a clothing drive.
~sponsor a family's wish list or a few items on it.
~sponsor a warm hug care package monthly.
~tell a friend about our efforts.
~donate gift cards.
~volunteer an hour or two.
~host an "evening of giving"

It has been great to be able to have the time to put this plan together. I am excited about our new year-round giving programs as a way to give, fund and provide.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. I am thrilled that we have made such a difference in the lives of so many families in need.

with warm hugs.megan

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