Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Spring Basket Giving Program Update.

Happy Just about Spring.

Just under this post you will find the details of our spring basket giving program. My hope was to be able to donate 12 baskets, all with 12 mom-made receiving blankets. I am sad to say, that we have only had ONE sponsored!.

So plan B- We received an amazing donation of diapers today from the St. Timothy's Lutheran School in San Jose. Those diapers will be divided up into smaller packages and along with the dozens of NEW clothing donations we have received this year, Spring gifts will be packaged up and donated out this next week. The majority of the gifts will be donated to the caseworkers of the PRE to Three County Program that serve the
low and very low income moms with children in this county.

But here is the catch...

Our seasonal giving programs help to fund our overall mission of providing diapers, clothing and books to the local children in need.
Without our giving programs success, we are without funds to run our programs on a weekly basis.

Our 2008 operating budget is only $36,000. We obviously count on $9.000 a quarter. So far this year, only $2500 has been donated....
We are in a bind. Our donations and services are needed more than ever. We are receiving an amazing amount of gently used clothing, diapers and books. And are consistently finding the community to be very generous in this regard.

But, we also need some basic cash and gift cards to keep operating...
We only need 100 families to donate $30 a month... that's it!!!

Please email me at
to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks so much!!!

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