Tuesday, March 18, 2008

our wish list~~

hi all.

here is our updated wish list...

we urgently need...
$2000 to pay off the balance on our wagon.
$800 to pay for repairs and new tires for our wagon.
$1000 worth of target and safeway gift cards
tons of orders for baby blankets.... to make and donate.

volunteer positions.
community outreach coordinator
---other organizations.
volunteer to begin, hopefully paid within a few months.

online marketing coordinator
--- set up and maintain our etsy store.
--- set up and maintain our ebay store.
this is a "paid" position based on sales.

1 comment:

Polnoch said...

I was looking for a place to donate toys and leftover diapers (my daughter is three now), and came across your website.
What do you have in mind for the etsy store? What are you planning to sell/buy? Do you have pictures of the merchandise you would like to sell?
You are welcome to contact me at lelyushkina@yahoo.com as I may be able to help you.