Sunday, October 25, 2009

priorities for the next 6 weeks!!


we have less than 6 weeks to complete our holiday giving program.
here is my thoughts on how to prioritize our efforts.

now until november 15th.

priority- sponsors for the remaining flannel blankets.
so far, we have 82 sponsored. have 212 remaining.
sponsorship is $15 a piece.
struggling single moms are making these blankets and are being
compensated for their efforts.
we have a number of organizations that have already requested
all of our finished blanket donations.
sponsors can use and
can be used for the recipient address. tax receipt will be provided
for all sponsorships.

november 16th- december 1st.

priorty- gifting families. this year we will be gifting 30 local families in need.
so far, we have 6 gifting families. need 24 more! each gifting
family will be providing gifts, gifts cards... for a local family in need.
businesses, departments, friends,... can join together to gift a family
as well. all 30 gifting families will be "assigned" their family by december 1st.
delivery of gifts will be by december 15th.

december 2nd- december 15th.

priority- sponsorships of food baskets and care baskets.
this is a perfect time for last minute
families who are interested in gifting to create baskets of food and care
products. these baskets will be given to local families in need.
i always get last minute requests for gifts and this is a perfect way of
making sure that this requests get gifted!

i hope this helps give some idea of how the next 6 weeks will be best
organized. please email me with any questions.

thanks so much. megan

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