Monday, October 12, 2009

our 5th annual holiday giving program!!


welcome to our 5th annual holiday giving program. this year, there are lots of options for giving!! our theme this year is a "home-made holiday". let's scale back our shopping and make gifts that will touch the hearts of the families we will be gifting. this year, we will be gifting families who are a part of the prenatal to three program, local family shelters, st. anthony's, and local single moms in need.

here are your gifting options!

1. sponsor baby blankets. flannel/fleece. handmade locally by single moms. $15/each
our goal is to donate #300. so far, 80 have been sponsored.

2. make a food basket. fill a "basket" with non-refrigerated foods; peanut butter,
crackers, fruit, homemade cookies,....
our goal is to donate #50 baskets.

3. make a care basket. fill a "basket" with care items; shampoos, toliet paper,
tampons, diapers, soap...
our goal is to donate #50 baskets.

4. adopt a family. 30 families will have created their wish lists for the holidays.

5. gift cards. always appreciated. target, safeway, gas cards, toys r us,...

all gifts will receive a tax receipt from the organization that they are donated to.
while project warm hug is NOT a 501c3, the organizations that we donate to are.

please contact me via. for more information.
to sponsor blankets, please use. using my
address as the recipient address. indicate the number of blankets you want to sponsor.

all gifts will be donated by december 15th.

thanks so much!!!

Project Warm Hug
Basically, I am one mom who wants to make a difference in the lives of other single moms in need... Formally, My mission is to provide warm clothing, dry diapers and cool books to local children in need. My vision is that through our efforts, an increase in social awareness of the economic diversity that creates our community will occur.

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Carina said...

Hi Megan,

I read your blog today and was thrilled to see your list of meaningful gifts and ways to give this holiday season. I thought you had some really good ideas there and was particularly impressed with Project Warm Hug and your goal of providing warm clothing to local children in need.

I work for UniversalGiving™, a non-profit using a web-based marketplace to connect people to the best opportunities to give or volunteer in the US and internationally. One of the things we do is offer gift packages that very much sound like your concept around blankets.

I hope you'll consider UniversalGiving as a means to get the word out to people looking to volunteer or give. If you have any thoughts or questions about UniversalGiving, please feel free to ask me!

I wish you success in achieving your goal of 300 blankets this holiday season!