Monday, September 03, 2007

end of the summer updates...

summer greetings.

how did the summer fly by so fast?

i cannot believe that it is september and school is back in session. both of my nieces started school this past week and it reminded me of years long ago when there was so much anticipation about the first day of a new grade; who would be in your class, would you like your teacher, what i would wear for the first day back and so on...

my little guy is way too young to have any of those thoughts. so today was a slow day at home, running a few errands and playing in the backyard. i think i relaxed more today than i did on my short vacation. we went up to my mom's cabin "in the woods". four hours of driving with a 22 month old. before we had even spent an hour in the car, he had thrown up, my mom's dog had thrown up,... and the trip stayed on that level for 4 days.

we are glad to be home.

while we were on "vacation", i actually had a few moments to tally up our summer's efforts. oh my goodness, project warm hug has been rockin'.
last year's total donation count was just over 21,000 items. well, we have already donated over 20,000 items this year. just fyi, i count one diaper as one, and one crib as one. i have breakdowns of the catagories; diapers, clothing, larger items. the first month's of this year were much slower than usual as i was dealing with money challenges! most of the 20,000 has occured in the last 4 months.

good news-

project warm hug has added two new donation drop off sites; one in cupertino and one in sunnyvale. i will be adding these to our list once i confirm addresses.

a number of donations have come in as a result of our matching funds challenge. so far, $100, $20, $50, $100, $250 have been either received or promised! we still have another $1980 available for matching!!!
details are on a previous post.

requests- not many right now, but i am sure to have a lot more starting tomorrow.

a stroller for a single mom at a shelter.
diapers of all sizes.

new news-

i activated our yahoo group. all that are on this group will have first notice of requests, good news, crisis news, and so on...

still on our wish list.

a garage makeover with storage shelving to organize our donations!
just need some manpower to make this happen.

diapers and dollars.... will always be on this list!

new on our wish list!

connections with pampers, huggies, safeway, target... oprah???\
we could seriously donate over 50 cases of diapers a week if we had them. actually we could donate as many as we could get a week...

holiday gift giving program-
details will be released very soon~~~

email me with any questions, thoughts, suggestions....

my son learned a new word this week. we are going "hoooooommmmme", (home) as we got in the car to leave the cabin. glad to have a home to come home to! many families within a few miles of us don't .

"how much do you make?
how much of a difference are you making?
a balance between the two is essential."

i wish i could remember where i heard this...
just thought it was appropriate for this area...


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