Thursday, September 27, 2007

Winding down third quarter... here is our update.

Greetings as we move from summer into fall...

Project Warm Hug's third quarter was awesome!!!

We received $9200 in financial donations. This kept us going for this quarter.

We received soooooo many diapers and clothing, and items.

We have expanded our donation sites. Details in Blog.

We exceeded last year's total donations!
Currently we are at 26,500
I know that this quarter is going to blow our sox off!
It is very likely that we could reach #40,000 items donated!

Thank you all!

As we move into our fourth quarter for the year, here are our goals.

In order to be current on our out of pocket expenses we need to receive: $5,800. just received another $1500, so only $4300 is needed!!

In order to pay Megan's monthly salry/stipend, we need to receive: $14,000
($1,000 a month for the past 14 months)

In order to move into 2008, we need to receive the first quarter's expenses of: $9000.
(our budget is set at $3000 a month, $1500 for out of pocket expenses and $1500 a month "salary" for Megan)

Our goal for our holiday program is to be able to donate #1000 hand crafted items to local kids and families in need.
Big Heart Designs has a variety of gifts that can be purchased and donated. For more info:

Our goal is to complete 3 Diaper and Change Drives.
Our first one got started last week at St. Timothy's Lutheran School in San Jose.
Our first one was completed at Holy Cross in Los Gatos. We received over 1000 diapers and $160.00 (third quarter)

This drive is so great for kids to participate in. Both diapers and loose change is collected, and donated to Project Warm Hug. Easy set up, great results. Let me know if you have someone you would like for me to talk with about this event.

Our goals are fairly simple this quarter. Lots of funding, lots of gift making , lots of gift buying, lots of sharing and caring throughout our community!

It is very likely that we will be hosting a Holiday Tea and Boutique as a fundraiser in Nov/Dec. Look for details soon.

Our Current Wish List includes: other than the obvious- diapers and change.

Gift Cards to Target, Mervyns, Safeway...
We would love to have some available when we need to purchase items for a family in crisis.
We would also like to give these out to families in need for the holidays.

Gift Cards to Joanne's Fabrics.

To receive $300 to pay off the balance of the new sewing machine I will be using for Big Heart Designs.

To receive a gift card for Ducky's or alike so that I can finally wash our pickup suv.

To receive a garage makeover as I am organizing my garage to be our donation inventory site.

Volunteers for a variety of fun projects! An hour can make a difference!

Anyone who can knit, crochet, sew... who can make hats and scarves for our holiday program.
or who would like to host a crafting afternoon for friends to get together and create gifts!

and personally... my goal is to receive enough extra funding so that I don't have to have a roommate and can move my office/studio out of the kitchen and have an office! (an extra $700 a month)

and to finish up this post, here is what has been said about Project Warm Hug.

"Project warm hug has been very supportive of our families. I have been with the Prenatal To Three program for 7 years and this is the first time we have had an organization donate diapers on a regular basis. I often seen clients that are on their last diaper and unsure of when they can purchase more. Project warm hug has been wonderful in provided diapers for our very poor families. Please continue to support this program as our families are very poor and have very limited resources."
Tami Whelen, RD

Thank you all for the wonderful successes so far... and Happy Soon to be Holidays.

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