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how project warm hug got started...

many of you have recently asked how project warm hug got started. i took a look at some very old emails and found theses. this is a conversation i was having with tijana, formerly the director of the childrens embassy in kosovo.

i finally met her, not in her home county but here in san jose, just a couple of weeks after my father passed away. included is the first attachment that went out to explain what project warm hug was all about.

i ended up having surgery that september and couldn't travel. instead of donating to kosovo... i kept it local and donated to friends outside, the organization that my grandmother started over 50 years ago.

i will never forget the morning that i drove to the santa clara county fairgrounds. this was the location that over 300 families went to pick up their adopt a family gifts. the moment i saw the kids lined up with their families, i began to cry. it was overwhelming to see all of these kids counting on friends outside for their christmas gifts. my heart was so moved by this experience that i have kept project warm hug local ever since.

there are so many children within miles of our homes that have virtually nothing. moms who are having to choose between food and diapers, moms who are raising their families while dad is a day worker, grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren while their son or daughter is not a "fit" parent.

here is where my heart is.
many of you know that i became my godson's mom just a year ago.
at that time he was only 9 months old. he had spent the summer with his birth mother, living in golden gate park in his stroller.

i have had a chance to truly understand what it is like to have virtually no money. my priority was to keep my new family safe; which meant moving when our safety was compromised last fall. the timing of this move totally de-railed my holiday fundraising plans. i am grateful that my mom has been there for us this past year.

i have learned how hard our "county assistance" plans are to navigate. i have learned that counting my change meant whether or not i could put a couple of gallons of gas in my car. i have learned to ask for help. i have learned how grateful a mom can be to given a pack of diapers, a warm sweater, a new book. i have learned how important it is to not feel all alone. i have learned that there are so many other moms out there who are struggling and who don't have family to help them out. because of all that i have learned.... i am even more determined to serve our community.

i was asked a number of times this past year, "why don't you just shut down project warm hug? you don't have the money to keep it going. you don't have the time or energy to keep it going."

my answer is simple. my family became a project warm hug "family" this past year. i know how grateful i am to be able to receive diapers, clothing, books... there are too many moms out there relying on us to help them. whether or not they even know project warm hug, what we do makes a difference, a huge difference. how can you turn your back on that?"

so from fleece hats and scarves, project warm hug donated over 21,000 items last year. our count as of august 31st is over 19,000 items. i estimate that by the end of the year, we will have donated well over 35,000 items and have served at least 1000 local children in need.

please note the following is NOT our current program....
thanks, megan

april 2004.
hi friends,
some of you knew Bill, some didn't but he did some great things in this part of the world. He died recently but his daughter decided to carry on with his important work. I will be helping her out here! If you can please do help as well!Best regards,Tijana (former Children'd Embassy)-----

april 2004
I have just started a new project to carry forward my
dad's humanitarian legacy. Please take a moment to
review the attached file. Email me with any questions.
Thanks so much.
Megan Moser Rosenhart.

In memory of my father, William A. Moser and to carry
on his legacy of humanitarian work in eastern Europe,
Project Warm Hug has been created.

On October 15th, 2004 (my father’s birthday),
a minimum of 100 sets of warm hug fleece children’s
accessories will be hand delivered to homeless
children’s organizations in Eastern Europe.

Details of the specific organizations will be sent to
your email address when they have been confirmed.
Because no child should be without a warm hug.

How can you participate??
Each warm fleece set includes a hat, a scarf, a small
snuggie blankie and a few lollipops. The warm hug fleece
sets are available for sponsorship at $30.00 a set.

Your $30.00 sponsorship will cover the cost of fabrics, production
and a percent of the coordination and travel expenses for delivery.
Please indicate the number of sets you would like to sponsor, your name, your address, your email address…and send your check to:
Project Warm Hug
c/o Megan Moser Rosenhart.
Thank you for your support.
Megan Moser Rosenhart.

The Project Warm Hug Update.
May 2004
After launching this project at Menlo College’s Award ceremony last week…I am excited to report in that not only will we be delivering over 100 sets to Eastern Europe (specifically to the former Children’s Embassy in Kosovo), but I am looking at delivering sets to Lima, Peru, and in our homecounty.

Right now I am working with a team of friends who are committed to each finding 100+ sponsors. This will increase our total sets to close to 1000. Wow….wouldn’t that be great!!!
So…what can you do????
Sponsor a set or two or more☺…. or Be committed to sponsoring a 100 sets through your friends, family and organizations.
Help us with the production of the warm hug sets…cutting…sewing…assembling…
Communicate to me any information on organizations that can
benefit from Project Warm Hug…
Specifically Homeless Children’s organizations … anywhere in the world.
Communicate to me any organizations that would like to donate to this project…
We are looking for: candy, toys, stuffed animals, games….they must though be easy to transport…and not perishable.
Anything else you can think of that will help make Project Warm Hug
a success…
Thank you so much for your support,
With many warm hugs,
Megan Moser Rosenhart.

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